Different Angles And Poses Of Pregnant Photo Shoots

Different Angles And Poses Of Pregnant Photo Shoots

Pregnant photo shoots have become quite the rage these past couple of years, and it is only rising in demand. You can get your significant other to photograph you through this beautifully journey or get a professional to do it. Either way there are many things that has to be well thought of, and many other ways of going about this process. As the photographer your main priority should be to make the mother feel comfortable and give her pregnant belly your full attention. When it comes to body types no one type is alike, which is why it is necessary to use different angles and poses to match the different types. Given below are a few poses that can be used in capturing the beautiful mums and their bellies.

Attention to the belly

One of the most inherent and innate things that a woman does when she is pregnant is touch her belly. This is one of the most natural things that can be captured. Ask the mom-to-be to place her hands on her belly, this does not only look serene, but also immediately draw attention to it. In addition, try mixing up different positions as to where she can place her hands. It can be on her hips, in her pockets or even gently swiping away the hair off her face are all great options to bringing out a natural look.

From the top

One of the ways a maternity photographer can efficiently capture the mum and the belly is by taking a photo from high above. You can use a stool, or a chair to stand on, so that you are on a higher level, giving you a better vintage point in getting a picturesque shot. Height is one of the best ways to be able to capture just the belly, rather than any other body part that may have changed and gotten bigger over the course of the pregnancy.

The natural the better

A good pregnant photo shoots should always know that the more natural the photograph is the better and organic it is going to look. Have the mother look down at her belly, but not in an unnatural way that has her whole head tilted downwards ultimately causing a double chin. Make sure she has a smile on her face, while having eye contact at all times. Have a variation of different expressions, anything from laughter to a more serious face should do.

Shots of the couple

When taking photograph of the couple make sure they are squeezed in together, and much in love. You can have the to-be dad hold the belly, and have his hands on her at all times, while clicking either full body or close up photos together. The belly does not always have to be in the shot, but the couple’s closeness will be able to bring the picture together.

Taking a photograph of a pregnant woman would inherently be beautiful, but knowing how to enhance what you have got before by using different angles will be helpful.