How To Celebrate Your Love Of The Outdoors

Air conditioning bores you; you are the queen of the outdoors. You are at your most comfortable when you are in T shirt and jeans, hiking a trail over a mountain with a rucksack on your back that weighs a ton. So when there are situations that necessitate being indoors, the frustration can boil over. This can be fixed by having all your celebrations outdoors. Here’s how:

Have your Parties in the Garden

Next time you have a birthday bash, plan it so that you can have it outdoors. Arrange small garden tables or one big picnic table on the lawn and lay out the food so that guests have easy access. String fairy lights around the venue so that it looks ethereal and lights up the place in case the party is during the evening. Have games that reflect your love of the outdoors, like treasure hunts that hide clues in the shrubbery or guessing games involving knowledge of nature. Theme the food so that everything looks fresh and organic and the cake or cupcakes reflect Nature too.

Get Married Somewhere Outside

This can be the most important day of your life so look for outdoor wedding venues in Singapore that will capture the essence of who you are and what you want of life. It can be the lawn of a hotel, a friend’s house, a church yard or near a fountain.

Wherever you decide, make sure the outdoor wedding venues you look at are easily accessible by guests and have a contingency plan in case of bad weather. If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful, sunny day, the sunlight will cast excellent light on your photos. Draw inspiration from your love of outdoors and have fun with planning the wedding; you can send invitations on recycled paper, a wedding cake with a couple carrying hiking gear on top, and the table deco can be small potted plants instead of the usual vase and flowers.

Party till the Dawn Outside

This is more for when you are still in college, but the outdoors is the best location for wild raves that can veer out of control – mostly because there are fewer things to break. But having a party outside can be a blast, especially if the weather is kind and you have a good, stiff breeze to blow away the alcohol fumes lingering in your brain. The food can be laid out to a side on a table, and you don’t even need seating arrangements because anyone who wants to sit can just sit on the grass. Just make sure that the sound system works properly and that speakers are evenly distributed around so that everyone gets equal amounts of exposure to the pumping music.